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April 2003

When your young and looking toward adulthood there are many things to contemplate. I wasnt against getting married, but he had to be into horses as much as I was. I wasnt big into kids, so if I had any they would be put on the back burner for a while. I would never go without a horse, and because of that I would always be driving a pickup truck. And when I did get married, and have a little girl, this is how it would be

            We would have a small horse farm, just enough and maybe an extra for everyone in the family to ride. They would be show horses of course, and we would go to a show about every other weekend. I dont mean a one day show. We would have to pack up and head down the road on Friday afternoon in our nice big rig that we would stay in at the show grounds. I would have a little girl that would have the cutest little hunt seat pony around. What judge could resist her cantering around with her little pigtails sticking out of her helmet? I would show hunt seat and my husband would show western. Therefore, we could assist each other in playing show groom. Things would just perfect.

            Reality check?  Well I did meet a cowboy and we had a great time riding horses, I did the shows, he did the rodeo and everything seemed great. What happened? We got married! He decided playing golf was a neat hobby. As for the little girl? How about three cute little boys? And as far as the back burner goes, I did all that Im not worried about turning 30 yet! The horse farm? Its cheaper to have clients! The pickup truck? It was traded a few years ago for a Taurus, which is soon to be traded for a minivan. A minivan!? So whos plan is this anyway?

If I haven't learned anything else in my almost eight year marriage, it's how to compromise and look for the positive side. When I ever do get the chance to go to a show maybe I can barter; a day of playing golf for a day of playing horse show? And maybe having boys isnt such a bad thing, they may not be into horse shows at all! Great, everybody stays home but me! A day with horses and horse shows all by myself? That sounds like a vacation! And then I can go back home to my perfect life and clean the house!


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