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April 2003

Let me introduce myself...My name is Zeus and I am speaking on the behalf of myself and my two friends, Cheyenne and Dakota. I would like to thank those of you who took time out of their busy schedule this week to save our lives. I had been wondering for days how we were going to fair through the upcoming forecasted ice storm...we had lived through several but this one was really concerning me. I kept wondering if I would wake up to find my two friends whom I had known for years and deeply cared about lying lifeless beside me covered with ice since we had no shelter. We had been getting some feed hay, and water but it was just not enough for all of us to remain fat and healthy. Just when my friend Dakota was about to give up...two strangers drove up to our pasture. That is when we first met Roger Davis and Tori. Roger is with the Johnston County Animal Control and Tori is with the NCERL. They loved on us and scratched us for a while then left. We didnt know if we would ever see them again. Then a day or two after, they returned to love on us some more, unfortunately Tori told me she forgot the treats but I forgave her as soon as she loved on me a little. This time they brought some help. We were brushed and scratched and checked out by a very nice lady(thank you Dr. Hoots-Hoofbeats Veterinary Practice) who looked at our teeth, listened to our heart, lungs, and bellies, felt of our legs, cleaned our hooves, and showed us all sorts of attention(some of it I didnt care much for, Hehehe). I made sure I was right beside her watching everything she did to my friends. Well next thing you know...after some time had passed and they had talked to my owners...everybody left once again. That was it, we gave up. There was an ice storm forecasted for that night and there was nothing that I could do to help my friends. I knew I could weather the strom, but I wasnt sure about them. A little while later, Tori came back and took my friend Dakota out of the pasture. This upset me as I didnt know where he was going so I ran up and down the fence line, calling for him. He didnt even once call to me, but I guess it was kind of hard with a mouth full of grass(Hehehe). Tori made sure that she didnt take him too far away from me...she could tell I cared about the little guy. Next thing I knew I saw a trailer pulling up to the pasture. My friends and I were taken out of the pasture and loaded onto a trailer with a little encouragement from some fresh hay they put in the trailer for us...and off we went. My friends were in the front section together, I guess to they could hold each other up...while I was in the back section by myself trying to discover what trailer legs were all about. Unsure of our destination, but with our heads buried in hay, we started down the road with Tori following behind us to make sure everything went well. Before we knew it we had arrived in was just like in those people calendars for horses...a BIG gorgeous barn with clean stalls, pasture areas, feed and hay, and the best thing was that there were other horses there too...WE HAD MORE FRIENDS to talk to! Me and my friends were taken to our stalls and given fresh water and the best tasting hay we had ever had. Our new caretakers had some dogs running around and greeting us in our kinda startled me at first but I figured with the feed, hay and attention we were getting, we could accept our new K9 companions. Well in closing we would like to thank our neighbors the Custer family, we will miss their love and treats...they contacted roger and NCERL for us...kinda hard to dial the phone with hooves(hehehe), Roger Davis and Tori for doing what they could to move us to a better place as soon as possible, Dr Hoots for making sure my friends were alright to make the trip, Vicki Gupton for letting us ride in her trailer, Jennifer Hack and Family for building another stall on a days notice to accomodate my friend and taking us in to rehab and foster(they are the best), and those who took part in our rescue that we never got to meet. We owe our lives to you all...We look forward to seeing you in the future when my friends are all fat and happy once again.

Thanks you all....

Zeus, Cheyenne, and Dakota

(written by NCERL volunteer

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