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April 2003

Spring has finally arrived! Sunny days are peeking out between the cold grey ones. Pastures are greening up, mosquitoes (yuck) and mayflies are hatching, horses are shedding their winter coats and all of us are eager to get outside and get active.

Annual Physical Exam:

Even horses need a spring checkup. As horses travel, move to new barns or change owners, this annual veterinary diagnostic evaluation of a patients general health has proven invaluable in facilitating the best possible health care. Watch for your veterinarians recommendations for changes in diet, farriery and dental care and documentation of chronic conditions such as arrhythmias, respiratory issues and skin lesions.

Spring Vaccinations:

Since mosquitoes spread Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Virus, vaccinations for these diseases belong on your spring calendar to afford optimal protection for your horse. Be sure to ask your veterinarian for other vaccinations that may also be recommended for our area during their visit.

Parasite Control:

In recent years, incidences of parasite colic have been sharply reduced by improved deworming products. However, many of these products have been used too frequently or at improper intervals, and there is current research showing that resistance has developed in some of these worms to the dewormers used for their control. Dont give parasites a chance to sabotage your horses health! Talk to your vet about getting a fecal egg count on your horse and discuss a program that works. Minimize the chance of colic!!

Preventive Dentistry:

Just like people, horses require regular dental check-ups and care by a doctor. Full mouth exams allow your veterinarian to reveal and correct dental problems before they become serious issues for you horse. Avoid problems with bitting and nutrition with regular, preventive dentistry. A good bite means good health and comfortable riding!

Happy Spring!

Carolina Coastal Equine Veterinary Service

Dr. Jan Luquire & Dr. Emily Brazik

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