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March 2003

Fine Print Thoroughbreds and Trainer Andreana Flenner, based at The Hitchin' Post in Hampstead, NC are heading for Florida in March with eight Thoroughbred in tow. These horses have been in training since October of last year. If you are ever in the Sloop Point Loop Rd area, be on the look out. Using the European style of training, the horses are worked through the fields and woods and when ready, galloped in the cotton fields.
Having been exposed to all types of commotion such as traffic, construction, and barking dogs, just to name a few, these horses become quite broke for 2 year olds. They are kept on a rigorous yet flexible schedule and a lot of times the plan will change at the last minute depending on how the horse feels heading out  for their excercise. It's a refreshing way to train these horses for a very demanding job as a future race horse, for now they are treated like any horse being stalled at night, turned out during the day, and feed twice daily, along with hay for lunch. In March when they get to the track, they will all be refreshed and ready to work without any racetrack burnout. Of course they will have limited space for turnout, but the biggest change they will have to face will be the breezing and faster works on the track versus the countryside gallops they are used to. 
Most of the horses will be sold at auction while a few will be raced by Fine Print Thoroughbreds. Althoug aucitons around here tend to get bad names as most of the horses get into the wrong hands, this won't be the case for these guys. The auctions the will be sold in are especially for the race horse and the price can easily go up to $100,000 plus. Needles to say, these horses will eventually find a great home. Considering today's prices, buying yearlings to sell as two year olds, is a relaively safe investment. Traveling to the sales and attending the social events can be fun and exciting as well. After their race career, they will make nice hunt seat, dressage or cross country horses.
Having worked in the racing industry in California, Kentucky, England and Puerto Rico, Andreana was confidant that she could train race horses and have them do well.  She proved that last year by training a two year old name Sunshine Nathan "Buddy". Using the same training methods she is using with this years horses, she then took Buddy to the sales in Florida. Buddy went on to win his first race.
If you are interested in learning more about the "Sport of Kings", plan to attend the social event at the end of May. An informative cocktail party will be held at The City Club when Andreana returns and she will be available to answer all questions related to the buying, selling, and working with throroughbred race horses. Check out the website and email or call for more information, of look for future issues of The Cape Fear Equestrian for more updates concerning the event. 

Fine Print Thoroughbreds

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