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Bless This Child, Lord
Lord, look down from heaven above
And touch this special child with love.
Protect and guide this little one
'Till each and every day is done.
Remind us often that it's true:
This little life is a gift from you.
A miracle You've sent our way!
Lord, bless this little child today.
Author Unknown

Jordan spent a lot of time in the hospital and got to know a lot of wonderful people.  Jordans survival is truly a miracle and I know these people would like to know just how wonderful he is doing. Check out Jordans pictures to see his progress and his story page to learn just what a miracle he is.

Jordan at 18 months old.

Jordan's website was last updated Octover of 2003.  Please leave a message before leaving so we know you were here. We plan to keep all messages for Jordan to be able to read one day.


Special Thanks To:
The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of UNC Children's Hospital, The Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Department at the UNC Children's Hospital,  New Hanover Regional Medical Hosptials Pediatrics, Dr. Horger and Dr. Hicks of The Pediatric Center, and last but definetly not least The Ronald Mcdonald House of Chapel Hill.

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